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The Barrelman is a popular souvenir from the Philippines which consists of a male figurine carved out in wood, mainly mahogany, covered by a wooden barrel. If an unsuspecting and curious person were to lift up the barrel, they'd be surprised by a few spring loaded extremities. Barrelman has been an integral part of the Filipino culture and arts. It is often given as a gift with the intention of making the recipient laugh. This laughable souvenir can often be found in Filipino-American homes.

Barrelman Brewing Co was created by husband and wife, Fred and Andrea who were both born and raised here in the USA, with roots in the Philippines. Both are from military families who have instilled a strong work ethic and deep rooted sense of patriotism, duty, and community.

Fred is owner and head brewer. He has worked in the engineering industry for over 20 years. His love of brewing began when his wife gifted him with his first home-brew kit in 2011. Andrea is co-owner, alewife, and marketing manager. She is a former pediatric ER nurse and mother to their two boys.  

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